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At the beginning of the year 1990, I resided in a small village in the southern part of Nepal Called Hetauda. where I  studied up to 9th grade. due to my family’s financial situation, we had to migrate to Chitwan in search of any job to help my family’s financial status. Chitwan District also had great  Tourism movements. due to which I found a job at a hotel with a basic position. Although I had already found a job, I also had to finish my studies for which I had to work to study because my family could not afford it anymore. To reach my school I had to ride a bicycle for 30 Minutes. After completing school I came to Kathmandu the Capital of Nepal also known as The Dream Land of Every Nepali Citizen. After arriving in the valley in the hopes of having a  better life and start something out of my experiences from Chitwan during which I had gained through a long-term struggle working as a Porter, Guide, Waiter, Teacher. Finally, I completed my dream of opening my own  Travel and Adventure Company. After providing years of service, my dedicated team and I have built a renowned reputation amongst other travel agencies within Nepal with hundreds of satisfied customers.


Hari Bhakta Shrestha

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