Introduction - Holy Land Adventure Tours and Travels


Founder, Hari bhakta Shrestha,

I was born in a very small village southern part of Nepal in Hetauda where I studied up to grade 9, The financial situation of my family was very poor. hence I had to shift to Chitwan looking for any job I could find. as Chitwan District always had great tourism potential. I got a job in a Hotel in a very basic position. as my family could not afford my studies I had to work and study from a very young age. it was hard enough to earn and study but reaching my school was another hassle as I had to ride my bicycle for 30 Minutes.

After completing my school I came to Kathmandu (Kathmandu is the Capital of Nepal) “The Dream city of Every Nepali Citizen “. I had only one choice and that was I didn’t have any other choice. After long term struggle, Worked as a Porter, Guide, Waiter, Teacher so on … finally, I open the Travel and Adventure Company.“My passion is to Enjoy Nature, Mountain, Munamental, River, Landscape, Fauna, and flora, crossing far village to reach a greater destination “ and long breath to see how deeply we live our life and enjoy.I always believed that working together with a Team with a likeminded personality to do the job passionately as I had struggled with my past I always wanted to help someone in the same situation like I was in that phase of time as of now I run and own a business we Contribute 10 % of Profit and to support different sectors, the 10 % is utilized in school dress, stationery, lunch box and payment of school fees for poor and underprivileged children directly.

This Year 2019, we have interaction with an autism Doctor and after a divested Earthquake in Nepal year 2015, due to many shocks in a world data in every 60 child there would be one child is affected, Basically, Nepal is still a non-autism friendly country and the Government of Nepal is not yet started any direct support. So, Dear Guest! For the year Holyland Adventure Tours and Travels will support Education for Poor Children and Direct funding support toward Autism Support Center. It is our humble request that we support the needy, this doesn’t mean we are charging extra for your support with a competitive rate and with marginal profit, we take 10% from it and support the needy ones, fulfill your dreams of venturing this small world with us as u help others in need indeed.

Thanking you,

Hari Bhakta Shrestha