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The prosperous biodiversity of Nepal makes it ideal for ecological tourism destinations. It is famous for Himalayas trekking and mountaineering activities, which is famous for the tropical forest of the Jungle Safari, which is well known for the wild safari activities in the wildlife of the subcontinent.


On our Chitwan jungle Safari journey, we take a ride behind an elephant, which is an exciting way to explore forest wildlife from a safe, high position. It offers close-sighted views of its natural habitat of one-horned rhythm, many species of deer, lung monkeys, wild pigs etc. More than 400 bird species, either as permanent residents or migrant visitors, can be seen in the foot. Junk and open pasture as a part of the zoo adventure journey, where the birds are watching and tourism move there. Chitwan offers a spectacular experience to see a quarter of the world’s remaining census with the Rapti river on the west side of the National Park, which serves under its banks. This fish eating crocodile has long been hunting for the erotic qualities of its nose.

In 1984, UNESCO nominated the Refinion National Park as a natural world heritage site. We take Junk Safari, either a car or bus drive from Kathmandu or Pokhara. There is also a regular flight connecting with the Kathmandu. Thus, it is a great opportunity to take Chitwan Wildlife Safari journey easily after any of our trekking and peak trips in the Himalayas. There is no doubt that chutwan forest Safari available in Nepal is one of the popular wildlife adventure travels.


A comfortable wildlife safari in Bardiya National Park is an ultimate wildlife experience of its lifetime for Nepal. Located in the Lower Terai area of Lower Western, Nepal, Bardaya is the largest of the national parks in Nepal. Bardia Wildlife Safari is one of the second popular destinations for the Wildlife Jungle Safari Tour in Nepal

In 1976, Park was given only 368 square meters in the area as Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve. Km. But it was extended to Babaji River Valley in 1982 and the Royal Bardiya Wildlife Reserve was renamed. The park now cover an area of 968 square meters km. Bardia Wildlife Reserve was given the status of a national park in 1988 to preserve the descending species of its rare ecosystem – unique vegetation and organisms, Mayavi Bengal tiger and rarely a rhinoceroma and many other hunting species horns.

The park is providing excellent accommodation for the most of the unaware forest area in the Terai, wildlife as all of the wild elephants and most of the endangered species of birds, Royal Bengal Tiger, Swamp Deer, Black Deer , Ghadiial crocodile and Ganga dolphin. This great category of various natural habit means that there is a lot to find out and many types of species have to face, with the great migratory flock of wild Indian elephants for the incredible abundance and diversity of bird life – this Wildlife is a country of endless potential for enthusiasm. Thus traveling on the Namational Park, the activities of wildlife activities abundent 3 nights travel / Bardia Wildlife in Nepal 4 days for safari is very memorable and one of the foreigners.

Our Bardia Jungle Safari Travel Program includes an elephant ride, canoe ride, bird watching, walks of jungle, 4 wheel wheel jeep drive, local village, cultural program etc. Also to start Birdia Wildlife Safari to fly you either Or you can go to Birdia National Park.

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